More Practical Wisdom from Allan Johnson

  1. The best time to invest is when you have the money
  2. The most important factor in determining how soon you will make money or lose money is the price you pay when you invest
  3. A profit is only a profit when you take it
  4. The best way to invest is cautiously & regularly
  5. When prices are high, buy less, when prices are low, buy more
  6. Buy good quality investments at good prices
  7. Long term is 3 years
  8. Rather than just saving, we should be always investing for income
  9. We have no control over rate of return
  10. We have no control over the growth of your money
  11. Earn more than you spend
  12. Create Multiple Streams of Income
  13. Pay off debt that does not earn you an income
  14. We should be focusing on Financial Independence instead of Retirement
  15. Ultimately, you are responsible for the decisions you make. You will suffer the consequences or reap the rewards for all financial decisions
  16. If your vision of your future isn’t clear, how can you expect the person giving you the advice to know what’s best for you?
  17. Know your vision so you can make decisions that support your goals
  18. You need to know yourself, know your advisor, know your investment
  19. Buy when people are selling, sell when people are buying
  20. Cash Flow is King

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