22 Qualities our Clients want their Investments to Provide

Allan is an investment and insurance advisor who has been in the business for over 20 years. He manages the investments, life insurance, and financial well-being of over 400 families. We have asked our clients, what would the perfect investment look like to you? Below is what they told us. Although traditional investments cannot provide all of these qualities, we do … Read More

Financial Planning or Cashflow? Get more life from your money.

Financial Planning or Cashflow? Get more life from your money

Recently I’ve had a hard time justifying the time spent on conventional financial planning. The financial industry has always taught a very limiting “Needs Based” approach. It’s limiting because all it does is try to help someone figure out what they want in the future, which is very, very difficult if not impossible to do. We identify your goals in … Read More

Risk Management or Rate of Return?

Risk Management vs Rate of Return

I always tell my clients to focus on risk management, not rate of return. Wealthy people focus on preservation of capital instead of focusing on return on capital. So should you. Did you know that if you lose 30% on your investments, you need to earn almost 43% to get back to where you started. What are the chances of that happening … Read More