Cashflow Planning with a Certified Cashflow Specialist

Allan Johnson is a Certified Cashflow Specialists. That means he has completed a 12 month certification course that approves him as trained in providing the best results for clients with a cashflow plan.

“Over the past 20 years, I have taken many courses preparing me for my RFP and CFP designations. Ironically, there was little information about cash flow or debt management in these courses. Yet these areas comprise the foundation of what a Financial Planner is required to do.” ~ Allan Johnson

Everything changed after reading Stephanie Holmes-Winton’s book “Defusing the Debt Bomb”. It was the best book we ever read on debt. Bar none. This prompted us to take the Certified Cashflow Specialist designation.

A Cashflow Plan Can Make a Difference


A Cashflow Plan helped this young couple save $150,000 in the interest they would have paid over the course of 15 years of paying off their mortgage. Before their Cashflow plan, they didn't even have enough money to make ends meet.

Case Study

Read a case study about this couple and what was done to get them back on track.

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10 Years
From Retirement

A couple ready to retire in 10 years found themselves needing 32 years to pay off their debt at their current rate. A Cashflow Plan had them debt free in 8 years while still saving for their retirement! Overall, the Cashflow plan saved them $120k in interest.

Case Study

Read this case study about the couple nearing retirement and notice how some important changes lead to some amazing results.

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