A Manulife One mortgage account is probably the single best thing in our toolbox to help increase cashflow and get our clients out of debt quicker.

Seriously, Manulife One has helped our staff and our clients get out of debt quicker while also increasing their monthly cashflow.

Manulife One is Part of A Strategy

For almost everyone, you are kind-of tied to the banking institution that you’re currently with. It’s likely quite a bit of work to consider moving to another bank, but when you consider that moving to another bank could save you thousands within the first year, you start to realize…maybe it’s not THAT much work.

Manulife One Mortgage allows you to leverage the value of your house in order to unify your debt, pay less interest, pay less banking fees, and simplify your banking.

This is all part of a strategy that we custom create for each client. Everyone’s situation is different, but almost all of our clients have equity in their own home and we could use this as part of their strategy to gain control of their cashflow.

What else do we consider as part of the strategy? Well, the absolute first step to get started is with a Cashflow Plan. This will help us get a big picture overview of your whole income and debt situation in order to make the best recommendations for you. A Cashflow Plan often uses the Manulife One mortgage as a way to unify your debt and make your money work for you.