22 Qualities our Clients want their Investments to Provide

Allan is an investment and insurance advisor who has been in the business for over 20 years. He manages the investments, life insurance, and financial well-being of over 400 families.

We have asked our clients, what would the perfect investment look like to you? Below is what they told us. Although traditional investments cannot provide all of these qualities, we do have an alternative solution that does.

Qualities Our Clients Want Their Investments to Provide

  1. Guaranteed
  2. Liquid – Not Locked-In
  3. Full control over access to it
  4. Creditor proof
  5. Tax free compounded growth
  6. Tax free income
  7. Can be used as collateral
  8. Never lose money
  9. No reporting to Canada Revenue Agency
  10. Not affected by the Stock Market
  11. Transfer ownership with no tax consequences
  12. Change beneficiary with no tax consequences
  13. Ability to borrow against without giving up growth
  14. No credit checks when you want to use it
  15. No loan applications when you want access to it
  16. No income verification when you want to use it
  17. No probate fees at time of death
  18. No taxes at time of death
  19. Annual dividends averaging over 8% for the past 10 years
  20. Consistent annual dividends for the past 74 years
  21. Privately owned rather than publicly controlled
  22. Better returns than a 5 year GIC

The Solution – The Best Kept Secret

Ok, isn’t it time you found out about the best kept secret in the past 15 years? I only discovered this in 2012 and it has changed my life. Our family has endorsed it. Over 100 of our clients are now enjoying all of these benefits. It’s not a typical investment. It’s a place to store your wealth. The banks are the largest customer to use this strategy on all of their key employees. Wonder why? JC Penney, Colonel Saunders, Walt Disney, Jim Pattison endorse and have used this strategy. The strategy is called Becoming Your Own Banker.

I was more skeptical than anyone. After all, I have been in the business over 20 years. Why wasn’t I told about this? Why doesn’t everyone know about this? This isn’t for everyone. This isn’t a get rich scheme. This isn’t necessarily an alternative to what you might already be doing. But, it sure complements what you are doing nicely. There are only a handful of qualified Advisors in BC authorized and trained to implement this unique, specialized strategy for you. I happen to be one of them.

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