The Problems

  • Taxes: it seems like we’re always paying too much in taxes
  • Growth of Investments: our investments aren’t growing as fast as we would expect them to be
  • Debt: it seems as though we are barely making our way to get out of debt
  • Income: our monthly income doesn’t ever seem to increase over the years, but prices of things keep going up

How would you like to gain complete Control over the use and liquidity of your money? Achieve Guaranteed cash accumulation? Shield your Savings from the volatility of mutual funds and the stock market? Create a Predictable, stable financial asset that pays you and grows unencumbered every year on a foundation of contractual guarantees?

If what you thought you knew was true, turned out NOT to be true,
when would you want to know?

Taking control of your money can change your life more than you know. Our staff and clients have gone through the process of becoming their own banker and in doing so, have solved all of the problems above. In fact, becoming your own banker is something we believe is the Best Investment You Can Make.

The Best Investment You Can Make

100% Guaranteed

Not Locked-In

You control access to the money

Unlimited Contributions


Creditor Proof

Judgement Proof

Tax free compounded growth

Tax free retirement income

Can be used as collateral for a loan

Never lose money

No reporting to CRA

Not affected by the stock market

Transfer ownership with no tax consequences

Change beneficiary with no tax consequences

No credit checks

No loan applications

No income verification

No probate fees

Tax free legacy at death

Positive, competitive, guaranteed returns every year

Better returns than 5 year GIC’s

Becoming Your Own Banker

When you become your own banker, your bank becomes the perfect investment. It can accomplish ALL of the criteria above. To learn how it works download the Overview of Becoming Your Own Banker.